Sweating the Fall Stuff

September 25, 2009

Tuesday marked the beginning of fall–a magical season for fashion lovers.  With changing leaves comes the September issue, Fall Fashion Week,  and a new cardigan to toss over the barely-there sundresses of warmer months.  Take heed, however.  Fall is also a chance for many of us to return to our old faithful, our BFF, our sweat pants.  My firm opinion is to JUST SAY NO.  Trust me, you will feel much better about yourself if your butt is tucked nicely in a pair of jeans than if it’s lolling around shapelessly in ill-fitting gray knitwear.    

If you must say yes, however, Fall 2009 is just the season for you.  In Vogue’s aforementioned September issue, Christopher Kane shows off his stylized sweats for Topshop.  At $160 bucks a pant, however, a more wallet-friendly option is order.  Twelve by Twelve offers bargain hunters an ultra-cool pari of side zip knit pants for just $29.  

Though I can’t approve of the sweat pant wholeheartedly, if you must, you must, and you might as well try to look cool.  

photo courtesy of Forever21

photo courtesy of Forever21

Photographed by Norman Jean Roy, courtesy of Nitrolicious

Photographed by Norman Jean Roy, courtesy of Nitrolicious


Twelve by Twelve’s side zip pant











Christopher Kane for Topshop


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