Steal of the Moment, Vol. I

October 2, 2009


If there’s one thing I know about today’s recessionistas, it’s that, aside from being impeccably well-dressed, we are a bunch of cheap biznatches.  The dollar is tighter than ever, and though the news and our instincts tell us to save, save, SAVE! there’s a small part of us aching for a trip to the mall to check out what’s new for fall.  To appease that little voice, I’m introducing the Steal of the Moment feature, where I can give you a heads up on the best deals around.  Today’s Steal of the Moment is a lesson in recycling (and, thus, saving!).  

Women's Tall Faux-Suede Boots

Women's Tall Faux-Suede Boots

Check out these fabbity-fab Minnetonka-esque boots from Old Navy.  They come in 4 colors, and are only $34.5o!  Can you say steal?  Just slap on a little Kiwi spray, and these puppies will get you through rain, sleet or snow.

“But I have nothing to wear them with!” you may say.  Well, quit your whining, and whatever you do, don’t spend your entire paycheck on this fall’s leather pants or velvet dresses.  

Picture this: prancing around in your new (cheap, stellar, fabulous, etc.) boots paired with the jewel tones of Fall 2008.  Trust me, it’s a perfect, dressed-down combo, and you won’t regret not blowing your bucks.  


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