Girls Night Out: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

October 9, 2009


The Ugly

In addition to using this blog to showcase excellent deals and irresistible fashion bits, I can’t help but do a little harping, er, tutoring.  Which brings us to this week’s topic: what to wear for a night on the town.  I’m not talking about dressing for a man or to show up all the other biddies in da club, this is about dressing for your own dignity and the best nights of your life.   

Let’s start with the ugly (left).  You may laugh, but I have witnessed this outfit on many a lady, and let me tell you, a short skirt and extreme boobage does not a hottie make.  This outfit leaves nothing to the imagination, and makes getting dressed seem unnecessary.        

The Bad

Next, The Bad (above).  Clearly, this outfit has potential, and if we were to listen to our Heavenly Father, Carrie Bradshaw, she would tell us that underwear is outerwear, so that bra hanging out is just part of the fabulous outfit.  Unless you have the Jay-style cajones, however, you may come off as trashy (especially in those prom shoes), so bare your Secrets wisely.

Last, and certainly loveliest, The Good (below).  A perfectly flattering and fun (dancing in fringe, anyone?) tank top, dark jeans, and some all-night-long gladiator sandals.  You’ll be running this town soon enough.  P1010254


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    sorry for the HORRIBLE layout on this one…

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