fab’rik a.k.a., fashion heaven

November 13, 2009


This week, I visited Kati Christensen, the manager of fab’rik (pronounced just like “fabric”) in Des Moines.  fab’rik is a small franchise boutique based in Atlanta, GA that promises high-end trends at bargain prices.

HauteHabit: How did the store come to Des Moines? 

Katie Christensen: The owner wanted to start a store in Des Moines because Des Moines doesn’t really have any options.  You either have really cheap stuff or really high end clothes. He wanted to have somewhere to shop where you can buy several things instead of saving for weeks to buy one thing.  The only thing over $100 in the store is our denim.

HH: What’s the general aesthetic/style of the store? 

KC: Anyone who wants to be trendy but not have an item that you see all over the city.  I think everyone can find something here.  I can find a jacket for my mom, and something for myself. People think of high-end boutiques as young and really trendy, but we carry a little bit of everything. 

HH: What determines good style?  

KC: Good style to me is someone who can pull off an item that doesn’t look good on the hangar.  It just takes confidence. 

HH: What should women be thinking about when trying to develop a personal style?

KC: Trying new things.  I always have people who say, ‘I could never wear that.’  If you put things on that you wouldn’t normally wear, you can start to develop ideas of what looks good on you.  

HH: How would you describe your personal style?  

KC: I’m also a cosmetologist, so I’m all over the charts.  I go from a pair of jeans and a  t-shirt to colorful tights and a crazy top.  Boots–boots are my thing.  I love to be comfortable and fashionable.  Oh, and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

fab’rik is also on Facebook: Fab’rik Des Moines


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